Alan Ryan, age 26. Travelling with Jasmin Steinberg, age 25.

We have been on the road together since we met each other in 2008. We are both keen photographers and we want to share our view of the world with you, through our photographs.

We recently spent 10 months in New Zealand where we discovered cycle touring. The first month or so was a steep learning curve for us but it didn’t take long to work out the kinks and find our rythm. We quickly caught the bug and now we just want to cycle everywhere.


17th August 2014
Currently we are making our way home from New Zealand. We clocked up 3305 kms on the North and South Island. On the North Island we cycled around Hawkes Bay, The East Cape and the Volcanic center (Rotorua, Taupo, Turangi, National Park and Wanganui via the River Road). On the South Island we cycled from Picton to Queenstown via the West coast and Mount Cook Village to Lake Tekepo via the Canal Rd.
If you would like any additional advice on bike touring in New Zealand please leave a comment or send me and email. I will gladly share any knowledge I have gained so far.

My email address is ryphoto13@gmail.com


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