Finally Home

Well, by home I mean Germany. It’s where Jasmin comes from and I have spent so much time there over the last couple of years that I consider it my second home. It felt good to walk in the door of Jasmin’s house but it felt sad to know the travels were over. It felt reassuring to be back with family and friends but it felt weird to be back where we started. To say the least, we didn’t know how to feel as is always the case when you come back after a long time travelling.

Another feeling we were experiencing was anticipation. It had been over two weeks since we packed up the bikes into boxes and we were nervous to see if everything was still intact. From the exterior condition of the boxes, we weren’t too hopeful.

This box is two weeks old

This box is two weeks old

_MG_7081 _MG_7082

Jasmin's bike (believe it or not)

Jasmin’s bike (believe it or not)

Maybe the couldn't read

Maybe they couldn’t read


Luckily the damage was only cosmetic. The steel and aluminium held up well, nothing was buckled or bent. We put the bikes back together and to our delight everything worked perfectly and with a few tweaks and adjustments (and a bit of oil) we had them running better than ever before.

It was a mission and a half, lugging these bikes around through all the airports we encountered between New Zealand and Germany. It probably would have been easier to cycle them back (we wish we could have). However, having the bikes waiting to be ridden outside Jasmin’s house justified the struggle.

It’s sad to close the New Zealand chapter of our lives but as one journey ends, another begins. We will always look back on this trip with fondness. We have many memories, photographs and the blog to remind us of the good times and the bikes are the greatest (active) souvenirs we could have. Happy to be home and looking forward to the future, the only thing left to ask ourselves is ‘What will we do next?’


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