After cycling across the North Island we decided to take the bus from Wanganui to Wellington and avoid 200 kms of very busy highways that are not cycling friendly. From what we heard most cyclist go part of the way by bike and then take the train once the motorway opens up as you approach Wellington. We had a pretty good run on the bikes, having cycled uninterrupted from Rotorua to Wanganui and we figured it would be easier on us to go the rest of the way by bus.

Windy Wellington as it is known really lives up to its name. As we wheeled our bikes out of the bus station we instantly had to seek shelter so that they wouldn’t blow over.

We found a hostel just outside the city that had a campsite. Although we saved money by camping the location was not ideal. The hostel was located high up on a hill and it was very exposed to the wind. We had our roughest nights of the trip so far, camping in the city. Luckily for us though our tent stayed on the ground the whole time. The reason for this was that we set our tent up properly. Other mickey mouse campers who didn’t push their pegs in far enough or didn’t use the guy ropes ended up loosing their tents or having them ripped apart in the wind.

In total we spent 5 days in Wellington. This was enough time for us to explore the city and see all that we wanted to see. We went to the Te Papa museum on 3 different occasions and I would highly recommend going there. The place is huge and all the exhibitions there were really interesting. It will definitely take more than one visit to see it all. We also found ourselves spending a lot of time in the bookstores. My favourite one was Arty Bees Books which is open late and has a massive selection of second hand books. As for food, the best we place we found was Antie Mena Vegetarian Café where you can get some really good Malaysian food and the price is not too bad either.

We met two cyclist while we were staying in the hostel. One was an English teacher who had recently cycled the West Coast of Australia and the Nullarbor Plain. The other guy named Matthias was from Bavaria and had quit his job to come and cycle New Zealand on his mountain bike with a trailer attached and was mostly travelling on gravel roads and mountain bike tracks (and the odd highway). Both guys were heading for the South Island to continue their trips. Listening to their stories really got us excited to continue on ours.

Photography wise I didn’t really take too many pictures in Wellington…Almost none actually! The city would have been a great place to photograph but I just didn’t feel like taking my camera around with me. This happened before on the trip when we were in Kuala Lumpur (which you can read about here https://tumblewheels.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/kuala-lumpur/ ) for three days where I just felt like giving the camera a rest.

Jasmin did take a few pictures though. Here’s what she got.

_MG_3977 _MG_4003 Unbenannt-1  _MG_4015 _MG_4006



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