VIP Bus to KL

Okay, sorry for the bad quality photos in this post. These pictures were taken in a room with no windows and I had to use a very high ISO.

Anyway, after leaving Koh Phi Phi we went back to Krabi for two nights where we bought tickets to take us to Kuala Lumpur. The distance is 861 Kilometers and it involved us getting a mini-van to take us to Hat Yai and then getting a VIP bus (better seats, comfortable) from there on to KL.

Apart from being carted around between a few holding points, the 4 hour mini-van ride went okay. We arrived in Hat Yai and had a 3 hour wait before our bus came. Perfect amount of time to get some food and have a look around. When the bus came we got on and settled into our seats for the 10 hour journey ahead.

Not long into the trip we both started getting itchy. We though it was just the material of the seats at first. Later Jasmin started noticing bugs on her bag. Our seats were actually crawling with bed bugs.

The bus was full and there was no other seats for us to move into so for the next 8 or so hours all we could do was try to sleep while we felt hundreds of bugs crawling on our skin and biting us.

We mainly got bitten on the back but we also had bites on our arms, hands, legs and arse’s.


_MG_1311_1_MG_1300 _MG_1315 _MG_1319

Arriving in KL we had to wait 8 hours before we could check into our hostel. When we did check into our room we decided we better wash everything we had in our bags to kill any bed bugs that might be still on our stuff. We went on a mission around the streets of KL to find a laundry mat. By the time the laundry was done and we were able to go to bed, we had been on the go for about 36 hours.

We were itchy.


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