The flight here

Well the flight here went pretty good I think- uneventful but smooth. All in all it took about 24 hours from leaving Jasmins house in Bonn to getting into our hostel room in bangkok. Travelling included taking a car to the airport, two long haul flights, a 3 hour stop off, a couple of airport train links, an hour long taxi ride and about 45 mins walking around sweating our faces off, with the heavy bags, after being awake for 33 hours, looking for our hostel. With that all said, we had a good rest last night some food this morning and we are happy to be here – happy and sweaty.

Highlight of the journey was fliying into Dubai at sunrise and seeing the Burj Khalifa (worlds tallest building) standing lonely with its head sticking out about 200m above the cloud blanket. It was beautiful and surreal. On the second flight which was at day time, we got to see some amazing aerial views over Pakistan and India before arriving in Thailand where it was raining.

The plan now is to get out of bed and go explore.


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