…and off we go!

I’ve just finished packing my backpack. My entire life has been compressed in 75 liters. Not much space considering I’m bringing 2 cameras, 4 lenses, a skateboard, extra skate shoes and climbing gear. Altogether the pack weighs 19.5 kg. My goal was to keep it under 20 kg so I’m pretty happy with that.

Jasmin is still hovering around the room, packing the last of her stuff but we are 95% ready to go and will be leaving in an hours time. unbelievably, I have no nerves yet, I’m just incredibly excited to get going. We plan to drink champagne on the plane 😉

I’m starting this blog so that I have a platform in which to showcase the photography I do along the way. This trip is going to be an extended photographic project and it will take as long as it takes. I have no plans as such for what I want to photograph or which direction I want my photography to go in ie. street, landscape, fine art. What I do want is for my work to be honest. Lets see what happens

I’m taking Susan with me for inspiration


I’ll go into more detail about the trip in later posts. This post is just an introductory, get the ball rollin’ post. More to come.



3 thoughts on “…and off we go!

  1. Hi Alan,
    although you didn’t mention your blog, we found it (;))and now we are very curious to follow your Travel .
    Best wishes and a hug to you and Jasmin,
    K & M (PuM)

    • Hi Klaus,
      Sorry for not replying until now. Don’t get to use the computer to much and when I do I try to update the blog (takes along time to write and edit photos).
      I hope everything is going well on your holidays.

      Hope you enjoy the blog,
      keep reading

  2. Someone (my brother) bought me this book during the summer and I’m still reading it – dipping into it now and again. It’s a little heavy but essential reading on your quest for photographic honesty.

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